Cherry Rose Tan

Cherry Rose Tan

General Partner



With over 15 years of experience in tech, innovation, and entrepreneurship, I have built a reputation as the First Mover in several industries, such as edtech, crypto, and mental health. I served as Pre-Seed Investor of Paycase Financial, a Canadian blockchain pioneer that provides infrastructure and liquidity to global financial markets, where my brother and I worked on financial inclusion for the bottom billion. My last company #REALTALK, the mental health movement for the tech industry, is North America’s first and largest platform on Founder Mental Health. I founded and grew the movement to 40,000 leaders and 70 national champions in four years, with a synonymous Top 14 Business podcast on iTunes.


As the Entrepreneur in Residence at the Schulich School of Business, based in Canada’s 3rd largest university, I build national ecosystems mobilized by social mission. I hold a COO skillset as an operator, which is balanced with high emotional intelligence as a keynote speaker and a professional facilitator. As a venture capitalist, my specialty lies in early-stage B2B SaaS, network effects, and regulated industries like crypto and cannabis.


I am a fifth-generation entrepreneur whose great-great-grandfather started our entrepreneurial lineage in the 1880s. I spent my days as a child, dreaming up businesses at the dinner table. What lights me up is dedicating each decade to a moonshot. I believe that venture capital is the vehicle for generational wealth on the planet. As a lifelong gamer, I have ranked #17 (out of 25 million users) on Neopets, a virtual pets website that served as a precursor to the metaverse.