Melanie Akwule

Melanie Akwule

General Partner

Washington DC


I've spent the majority of my career transforming data from underutilized assets to actionable insights for customers. After gaining valuable experience as a Senior Technical Product Manager in General Electric's Data Science Products division, I ventured out on my own to build MINWO - a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Tech company. MINWO's my way of leveraging my talents and gifts to serve my community by centralizing Black business development to accelerate the next generation of Black founders.


I help entrepreneurs break down their 10-year vision into concrete steps to achieve them. Whether it's business or product strategy, clients often come to me with their plans and it's my job to remind them that focus is key - so where are we starting? From creating user stories to building world-class development teams to running market validation studies, I focus on tactical support to get founders moving.


I grew up in Burke, VA, a town with no more than four stoplights. As a first-generation Nigerian American and oldest of four, I got used to blazing paths and figuring things out as I go. Coupled with a non-verbal brother with autism, who has been my inspiration from day one, I'm not afraid of going after the "impossible". In the words of my homie, Yoda, "do, or do not. There is no try."

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