It’s time to renew how we build business.

Welcome to a community of purpose.

Impact founders and funders are pulled by the same force — the desire to make a lasting, positive impact through the businesses we build. Yet too often we move in different orbits.
Let’s use that force to bring us back together. One community, revolving around purpose.
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The Purpose Pledge
Show your commitment to building with purpose. Founders, investors and operators sign the Purpose Pledge to join others actively working to renew our approach to business and impact .
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Our Community Guidelines
We uphold and embody these values in our actions, and these practices guide our collaboration, conversation, and interactions across our community.
Empathy: Empathy is at the core of every great company, great product, and great relationship. We practice empathy through actively listening, being curious not judgmental, and refraining from giving unsolicited advice.
Creativity: Everyone is capable of being creative, and big challenges require creative thinking. We practice this through the power of play to as a means to explore, innovate, and connect.
Intention:Too many startups have moved fast and broken things.Inclusion, respect, and trust are created and upheld by intention. We practice this across our interactions, communications, and decisions.
Connection: Making the impact we envision in the world takes collective effort, resources, and perspectives. We are collaborators, not competitors.
Integrity: How we behave in public and behind the scenes directly affects the impact we are able to make. We practice this through honesty, trust, and accountability.