Do good. Show you care. Scale. Be kind. Make money. Do the right thing.

It’s time to dismantle “Growth vs Impact”. We are the team to do it.

Our mission is to solve society’s biggest challenges by purposely renewing how we invest in and help build companies, all while leading with empathy. We aim to remove barriers to capital by partnering with bold, diverse founders generating impact at scale.
We do two things. Invest in profitable, scaled Impact, and back founders who have been shut out of venture funding because of what they look like and not what they are building.

How We Fund

We invest in Impact founders leveraging technology at scale to address some of society’s biggest challenges, impact and growth

We invest in women and historically excluded founders enacting their unique insights to build scalable tech-enabled businesses

"Team" is everything. It's how we see opportunity others don't, how we connect with founders others won't, and how we help build giant companies others can't.

Our Team

The Renew Team
If you would like to talk to any of us about our areas of expertise and how we might be able to help you on your founder journey, visit either any individual team members page, or go to our office hours page.
Great founders can leverage tech to address dozens of societal challenges. We invest where the skills of our community intersect with massive market opportunities.

Why We Fund

Our founders want to build scaled businesses that remain committed to social impact. The more outsized and sustainable our portfolio companies become, the more outsized and lasting their Impacts will be. Example sectors include:

Neighborhood Economics
Future of Work
Regenerative Economics
Renew Venture Capital is led by a diverse, experienced team providing capital from a community of Impact-focused investors. We help founders protect their Impact while growing their businesses exponentially. We are not interested in trade-offs.
In general, VCs are all product knowledge and no heart while Impact investors are the inverse. We have exceptional experience and expertise in digital product design and tech company expansion, and we remain as committed to real Impact as any founder. No shortcuts.
We are not merely a venture firm. Renew is a community of founders, investors, leaders, and researchers. We are empaths who also happen to be rockstars. Investing with us opens up a new world to apply what you’ve mastered and to learn even more. Taking investment from us gets you true partnership and a global network.
Our approach is simple, attract better deals, perform better diligence, provide better partnership, design better brands, build better products, attract more customers, secure more capital, and constantly work to de-risk and accelerate.
Companies generating impact at scale represent one of the biggest investment opportunities in VC.

Overlooking companies led by women and historically excluded founders is VC’s biggest recurring investment error.

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