Mark Hubbard

Mark Hubbard

General Partner



I have founded, invested in, or mentored thousands of enterprises from startups to global corporations in my almost 30 years in venture capital, global private equity, and institutional asset management. I have directed billions of dollars of capital, launched one of China’s most successful asset management JVs, founded a global private equity firm, and built innovation centers for cities and states. I have spent decades deeply immersed in the Impact space (since long before it was called that!) on both the founding and funding sides of the table and have lead on the forefront of the integration of faith, theology, philosophy, and investing.


I am an operator and a strategist with particular expertise in scalable go-to-market and funding cycle strategy. As the head of Pixel Recess and Managing Partner of RenewVC, I serve as a CEO and Board Whisperer, helping leadership assimilate disparate data to define options and identify optimal solutions.


My father was a theater professor (everyone in my family is or has been a professor), and I grew up on and around the stage. I started college as a Chemistry and Classical Guitar major and graduated with a Finance and Environmental Science degree (along with all of my Wall Street licenses). Art and science, math and beauty, service and commerce - for me, all are inextricably intertwined.