Natalia Bishop

Natalia Bishop

General Partner



I got my footing as a CEO when I founded Story, Louisville’s first coworking space dedicated to growing the startup ecosystem in our city and bringing accessibility and equity into our startup community. Through this experience, I earned my entrepreneurial stripes, learning lessons about scalability, fundraising, building a team, and an inspiring brand, but most importantly how to build community. I pivoted to become a tech founder with Level Up, a marketplace edtech platform helping women gain skills to develop their careers. I am also the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at The University of Louisville where I help build scalable companies focused on health-equity issues.


I specialize in helping founders, particularly underrepresented founders, develop community, build their skills and their teams, and lay the foundation required to raise investment capital and scale. I understand what it’s like to have to hustle and create your own opportunity, and there is nothing more exciting than institutions (like Renew) that produce the conditions necessary for founders to succeed and thrive.


I’m originally from Colombia, but I’ve called Louisville home for the last 20 years. My passion projects include volunteering as a board member for Wild Accelerator for female founders, Actors Theater of Louisville, and working as a mentor for Amplify Louisville, Russell Tech Business Incubator.