Paul Armstrong

Paul Armstrong

General Partner



I have worked in nearly every type of design role, from freelance and research to management, leadership, and cofounder. I have built brands, apps, systems, teams, products, and companies. Over the past quarter of a century, my career has traversed from working as an independent freelancer and within small studios, to heading up Design at one of the largest corporations in the world. Along the way, I cofounded one of Cincinnati’s earliest startups, ChoreMonster, which was accepted into the first class of Disney’s Techstars Accelerator. I then served as Director of User Experience at Ohio’s largest startup, Everything But The House before joining Procter & Gamble as Head of Design.


I have been in the field for 25 years. I've worked with and in small local businesses, large startups, and huge corporations. Been in accelerators and incubators and hack-a-thons. Bootstrapped and funded. Folded and fired. I've seen the roadblocks and pitfalls and warning signs that accompany all decision and indecision. I help our portfolio companies design, build, and scale products that delight customers.


I have never let my inexperience get in the way of a learning opportunity and chance to try something new. Whether diving into photography that landed me in magazines, books, websites, and the NFL, cofounding a kids startup, or collaborating with Disney in making cartoon shorts, saying yes to crazy ideas is the best way to discover and grow.