Cynthia A. Phillips, PhD

Cynthia A. Phillips, PhD

Venture Partner

San Fransisco / Los Angeles / Phoenix


After receiving degrees in data science, economics, and a PhD in econometrics, I spent decades working globally in risk management, strategic planning, marketing, branding, analytics, big data, business development, sustainability and global expansion. I have collaborated with startups, Fortune 100 companies, and funding and ecosystem players like Plug and Play. I am also a longtime champion of the U.N. SDGs and have been a sought-after expert and speaker in ESG and CSR and was a finalist in 2020 for Global Women in Tech.


Throughout my career, I have been particularly engaged in the unique intersection among business intelligence, media, and social impact. All startups (and especially those in Impact) must understand how their data speaks into their strategy and how the stories they uncover, document, and then share can affect their opportunities to grow and scale.


Despite my reputation for data and analytics, creative expression remains deeply important to me. I have produced movies, written screenplays, am working on completing my first novel, and (you guessed it) am in the process of earning a Master of Fine Arts, because one cannot possibly have enough academic degrees