Kelly Kiefer

Kelly Kiefer

Venture Partner

New York City


Kelly Kiefer’s diverse experience holding C-suite roles in an eclectic array of industries has ranged from art, to impact investing, to risk mitigation for trustees involved in wealth transfer. She is currently engaged, as a strategic advisor, with multiple organizations in social impact (for-profit organizations positively transforming the world which are aligned with the UN 17SDGs); mental health innovation; health and human potential;cutting-edge initiatives for digital assets/Web3.0, technology for family offices, and green energy.


Kelly Kiefer believes in seeing impact and capital "collide for great good”: reducing suffering and increasing flourishing through connection, capital, collaboration, and co-creation.  She is known for her strategic thinking; collaborative, tenacious spirit; passion for authentic connection.  As an advisor, a significant portion of her energy and attention goes beyond “dot connecting” to “weaving” people, ideas, organizations, and individuals together in a way which elevates their initiatives and humanity as a whole.


I believe:

  • Relationship matters above transaction.
  • Too much of the impact community lacks critical (yet accessible) infrastructure, business acumen, financial and collaborative resources required for sustainability and growth.
  • There is too much suffering in the world; alleviating unnecessary suffering, as well as solving the most pressing external problems in the world, begins with healing human beings (the inner work).
  • Collaboration is key: together, we can go further.
  • The space where capital and impact collide for great good is an immensely promising breeding ground for substantial, positive, global transformation.